Postcard Experience is an original marketing tool for brands, fairs and events!

We combine a surprising and fun offline experience with a professional and social online souvenir.

Videos made
YouTube views
Laughs & applauses

Our clients

We are not the the first ‘green screen’ concept, but we are definitely more original and creative than others. We work for many clients who hire us for a great variety of events and brand promotions. Check out some examples of our projects and see for yourself what we are made of!


The Dutch chain of department stores Bijenkorf (bee hive) has a CR program concerning the problems facing bees worldwide. We developed a video that suggests some solutions as well. We recorded videos with clients in 7 locations around the country.


For adventure travel brand Djoser we created a ‘trip around the world in 30 seconds’. The action-packed video takes their customers to all continents and shows many places where the company can take them on their next trip.


The City of Delft hired us to create an experience for visitors to their stand at the ’50plus Fair’. The stand was built around our green screen studio and we made a video where visitors are shown the variety of the city.


For user-generated travel TV Show Overal & Nergens (Everywhere and nowhere) we created a cool promotion during the annual Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair). We created 3 different videos in which the visitors could go on a ‘Jeep Safari’, ‘Mountain Walk’ or ‘Desert Camel Ride’.


Next to the Cruise Terminal PTA, one of the tourism hubs in Amsterdam, people could send this ‘Greetings from Holland’ postcard video. The video takes them on a ride in a clog car through tulip fields, old villages, beaches and castles.


Villa Arena Shopping Mall wanted to do something different for their visitors during the Christmas period. We developed a video of a roller coaster ride through Amsterdam and the shopping mall. Visitors were able to act in this video together with Santa Claus!


For ProRail we created this video in which people can take a ride through many aspects and departments of the company. Our mobile greenscreen studio was integrated in the Prorail stand at the Rail Infra Convention and visitors were engaged with the company and its brand.


With animation anything is possible. Even to create a roller coaster that doesn’t exist. With this video we let thousands of tourists take a wild ride through the city center of Amsterdam, passing famous sights and places in the city.


For a collaboration between Bever Outdoor & Travel and Sawadee we created this funny mountain video. People could wear clothes from the Bever collection and go an an adventurous Sawadee inspired experience. With lots of interaction and fun!

Our unique features

  • New way of sending of postcards

  • Fully customizable videos

  • Mobile green screen studio

  • Unique software development

  • Recording on location

  • Lights, props & costumes

  • Live direction on set

  • For individuals and groups

  • Online video souvenir

  • High share rates

  • Customized landing pages

  • Views and analytics reports

Reviews of some of our participants

“The staff are friendly and we laughed the whole time. It doesn’t take long and is a great way to show friends and family what fun you had.”

Kelly, “Brilliant fun.”

“A trip through Amsterdam in a wooden shoe? Who would have thought that it’s possible now?”

Sora, “Original Souvenir”

“They edit you in a video and send a link which you can easily share with all your friends on Facebook or WhatsApp. Such a great idea!”

Karen, “How original!”

“Star in your own movie! It was most enjoyable, easy, and quickly done. We did it all in one take and the crew made it all the more fun. A first for us.”

Michael, “Never done anything like this!”

“You are filmed in front of a green wall while receiving directions. The greenscreen is replaced by a variety of special effects so it looks like you are in an animated world. It’s a short experience but definitely a funny one!”

Megan, “Postcard 2.0”

“I did this with my 2 kids and they loved it. Both the acting as well as the finished film. They must have seen it 100 times by now!”

Dennis, “Perfect with kids”

“I sent it to my friends and family and they loved it. I highly recommend it!”

Sandra, “Awesome idea.”

“Something completely different to do and not even the fact that we were 22 in a group was too much for them to handle!”

James, “Nice crew.”